Alphabet Faith Stories (Awesome Annie)

Alphabet Faith in Action

A few years ago I began the Alphabet Series which included Alphabet Faith Scriptures and Alphabet Faith Hymns. Today I begin a series on Alphabet Faith using stories to discuss important characteristics that we all need in order to grow in our faith.

A: Awesome Annie: Psalm 65:5–“You answer us with awesome deeds of righteousness, O God our Savior…”

One day while Annie was riding her bike, she noticed the new boy, David, from her class, sitting on the curb crying. “Why are you crying?” she asked. “Because I have no friends and no one will play with me,” he said. Annie said, “Well you can be my friend, and I will play with you.” Surprised that Annie wanted to play with him, he asked her, “But aren’t you the girl in class who is always playing tricks on everybody?” Annie shrugged and said, “That is because no one ever plays with me on the playground. So I tease them hoping they will play with me.”

So David and Annie became friends from that day on, and she never played tricks on any of the boys and girls in her class again. Everyone noticed that Annie played with David at recess and instead of saying Annie was “awful”, they began to call her “awesome Annie. She became good friends with a number of boys and girls at school.

Whenever there was a new student, Annie would make them feel right at home. She was always helpful and introduced that person to all of her friends who were happy to include them in all of their activities.

When someone is “awful” to another person, they are actually isolating themselves to the possibility of being friends. But one young girl changed her character from “awful” to “awesome” and ended up with friendships because of it.

May we all be aware of our reaction to meeting new people and making them feel welcome in our homes, schools, and churches.



Reading: “Defined: Who God Says You Are” by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick. (Your Identity Drives Your Behavior)

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