“Change Your Words, Change Your Life” by Joyce Meyer (CL/PG Series)

Do you often hear yourself saying things like, “I can’t do that”, “I won’t”, or “I shouldn’t” as part of your vocabulary, and end up frustrated at the results of negative thinking?

Using a wide variety of topics, “Change Your Words, Change Your Life” by Joyce Meyer (one of the world’s leading Bible teachers) from the impact of our words to how to have a smart mouth, the author clearly believes that our words can increase or decrease our joy, which affect the answers to our prayers.

Included at the end of the book is a “Dictionary of God’s Word” to arm ourselves with scriptures to read when we are faced with everyday life situations.

She explains that we must use our words wisely so that we can change our negative thoughts and talking into positive talk. As a result, our talk will be constructive and healthy.

Keeping a positive attitude will lead to a “positive outcome” in every adverse and challenging circumstances in our lives so that God can work things out for our good.

Happy reading and blessings,

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