Soulspiration: The Windows of the Soul

Last week I ended with a quote by Thomas Phaer: “The Eyes are the windows of the soul.” I have heard this quote many times and wanted to explore it further. The eyes help us see the “true colors of someone.” I believe that is what Jesus does with us. He looks deep down into our being and knows us–the good, the bad, and the ugly.

About two weeks ago as I was scrolling down on my FB page, I came across a story that I think might help illustrate this even more.

It begins by setting the scene: A young couple with their young child entered a restaurant and were promptly seated. The child sat in the high chair provided. Another man–very rough and gruffy–enters the same restaurant and is seated across the room. As soon as he sits down at his table, he begins smiling at the child and begins making comments such as, “Do you know how to play peek-a-boo?” The parents looked at the man and then at the gleeful face of their child and questioned whether or not they knew or even recognized this man. This back and forth continued between the child and man until it was time for them to leave. As soon as the young couple stood up and headed towards the cashier, the man did so as well. The child apparently couldn’t wait to get near the man and showed this by practically leaping into his arms. The couple was extremely puzzled by this entire situation. The man gently gave the child back to its mother and said, “You take care of him. He is a very special child.” Upon hearing those words, the mother began to cry and the family left the restaurant.

Outside, the mother tried to process the entire incident and it was then that she realized her child had looked past the man’s appearance and looked straight into the very soul of the man. Her child didn’t see a rough and gruffy old man, but he saw the kindness and love that he had in his heart. She thought that this is also the way God looks at us. He looks straight into our hearts and our souls.

What will God see when He looks into our hearts and lives? May He always find us full of love for one another by loving our neighbor as ourselves. We can do this by reaching out to those who are going through a difficult time in their lives, who need a friend to just listen to their concerns and not judge–actions definitely speak louder than words.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in His continued care.


Currently Reading: “The Bus to Corinth” by Ladine Housholder.
Finished Reading: “The Well Women” by Ladine Housholder.

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