Fourth of July, 2012

This morning while I was out walking our dog, Buddy, my thoughts were filled with our country’s upcoming celebration of July 4th, Independence Day.

Most often when I think about celebrating July 4th, I envision being with family and friends for a picnic as well as watching a beautiful display of fireworks in the evening at our local park.  But this morning my thoughts were on all of those brave young men and women who have and continue to sacrifice their lives for our freedom.  It was during this time that the following thoughts came to me as I continued to walk and I wanted to share them with you:

The Hands of Time keeps marching on,

Snatching up who it will.

It never slumbers nor sleeps,

Making a mockery of death.

But for all those who have gone on before us,

May they be remembered as they rest in peace.

And may we never forget their sacrifice in laying down their lives,

So that we can live in Freedom.

On Independence Day this year, may we have a renewed appreciation for all the men and women who have given their lives and for those who continue to do so to help shape this great country of ours.

May God bless us one and all and help us to continue to be thankful for our freedom. Because we truly live in a land that is indeed “the home of the brave and the free.”

Moving Day

Last Saturday my husband and I helped my daughter and her husband move a U-haul truck down to Virginia–only 3-1/2 hours from our home.  It took only a couple of hours to unload everything into their apartment, but much longer to unpack and put their belongings away before we headed home later that evening.  We pulled into our driveway around 1:00 a.m.

Exhausted, but with a feeling of accomplishment, we headed for bed to get ready for a very busy Sunday–church and an afternoon service at a personal care home–along with a quick trip to Walmart for much-needed groceries.

On Saturday, July 7, my daughter and her husband will make another trip down to Virginia, only this time they will take the rest of their belongings and be “permanently moved”.  Since they were married, they have been living with us for the past two years so I have not yet experienced the meaning of the “empty-nest syndrome.”  I know that when they pull out of our driveway on that day, I will begin to feel a twinge of “missing you” and “can’t wait” until they come back for a visit.

Because my daughter and I are very close–she tells me I am her mother first and also her best friend–she assures me that she will call or skype as often as she can, and that they will visit at least once a month. I know that I will look forward to those times.

But until next weekend, I will enjoy being with her–whether we are shopping for more things for their apartment or just having lunch together. I will be continually happy for the “biggest adventure” in their lives at this moment in time.

Sometimes it is hard to let go of friends or family members that we love, but God promises that “He has plans for us; plans to not harm but for our good.”  Knowing that God has a plan for their lives and that they are following what He has for them is the greatest comfort a mother could ever ask for.

Sometimes the hardest thing we ever have to do is to “let go” and “allow God” to do the rest.

Blessings on you.






Equal To or Lesser Than

Two weeks ago, my husband and I invited my daughter and her husband to go to dinner with us because we had received a “birthday card” in the mail for a dinner at a local area restaurant.  It said that if we purchased one dinner, we would receive another one of “equal or lesser value” for free.  Ordinarily we would not have used this card, but my son-in-law had just received word of an exciting job offer in another state, so we wanted to celebrate and go somewhere where they had not been before.

Both my husband and son-in-law ordered exactly the same dinner, and my daughter another dinner.  I, on the other hand, decided I could not eat that much food so I opted to get a wrap with one side–on the lighter side–which I barely finished.  We then ordered two desserts to share.

However, when the bill came, the waitress had deducted my “wrap” instead of the dinner of equal or lesser value.  When my husband questioned her, she said it used to be done that way.  Now their policy was to deduct the lesser meal.  Although my husband explained that my order was technically not a dinner, she would not back down.  We paid the bill and sadly left.

The next day I sent an email to the restaurant and explained that we were not disappointed in any way with the food–just the wording on the card–and felt “cheated” by the way the waitress handled our questions.  When I further noted that we had purchased three regular-priced dinners and that the waitress had deducted mine, they immediately apologized and sent us another card in the mail.  My husband and I plan to go back to the restaurant, and we will order two lower-cost dinners and bring any leftovers home for another meal.

As I thought about this incident throughout the week, the more I realized that God does not make us feel lesser than in His eyes.  He created us in His image and He treats us with the same unconditional love that encourages us as we daily walk in our faith with Him.  Let us continue to walk with Him throughout our journey and treat one another with His love.

Until next time, blessings on you.