Fall Forward or Backward

With the end of the summer months, the leaves have already started to change to their brilliant fall colors.  The clear, crisp, cooler air slowly beckons the beginning of the fall season.

If we fall forward, then the fall season is the beginning of what is to come–anticipation of what we are to expect for ourselves next spring.  It is a time of reflection, quiet, and rest on what has taken place in our lives over the heated months of summer–a look back at the past, but continually falling forward towards the future.

If we fall backward, that reminds us of the what if’s, could haves, and should haves that we missed on our life’s journey.  When we fall forward, we have so much to be thankful for and we are filled with an attitude that we can, we will, we are determined, and we are blessed.  And even in the midst of the winter months, we can continue to hope, dream, and anticipate greater opportunities so that we can truly morph into what God has created us to be.

Forgetting the past, we look to the future.  We can dare to dream and hope, anticipate only the good from lessons we will learn, create a new beginning, and forge ahead to bigger and better heights of lasting love, hope, and dreams.

Let us continue on our journey, anticipating what is to come, so that when spring does arrive, we will emerge refreshed and be changed for the better.

Blessings on you.