Nine Months and Growing Too Fast

Today, I took my grandson to meet my daughter at the pediatrician’s office. It was Gryphon’s nine-month checkup. It has been unbelievable how the time has flown by since I began watching him at the end of January. There have been so many changes since that time–not only his weight and height but in his personality and what he now can do.

I am amazed at his curiosity/exploration when we play together with his toys in the living room. He has many expressions now and he has also mastered saying “mama” to my daughter’s delight. He loves his daddy and smiles so adoringly when he comes home from work. Some of the things that delight him include: standing without holding onto anything; walking around the house while you hold his hands; pushing his musical lion toy (gives them confidence to learn to walk on their own); he has two sharp teeth; giggling and laughing when he wants to be turned upside down (I think he might enjoy gymnastics); he enjoys hugs and kisses; he loves the “B is for Bear” book (plus touch and feel books); he tries to play with the two border collies and they are even beginning to tolerate his exuberance when he leaps at them; he loves to go outside in the backyard and sits and/or crawls all around; he is growing out of his 9 month clothes and doesn’t like wearing his sandals when you dress him to go anywhere; he loves to sit and holds on tightly in the shopping carts at Target and/or BJ’s and he is wide-eyed and excited at his new environment. He explores around the house by pulling books/dvd’s and magazines off the shelves. He loves it when he can use an object to glide himself across the rug. He is even busy in the kitchen opening the pots and pans drawer and/or banging on them like a drum. I don’t know how I keep up with him and surely have lost ten pounds by now (don’t I wish).

They say that when you have children you absolutely adore and love them, but when you have a grandchild, there is nothing like it. I believe that is true because in the almost seven months that I have watched him, I have enjoyed every single moment of it and can’t wait to see him grow into what God has in store for him.

Today I feel blessed and wanted to share this with you. May the Lord bless each and every one of you.