Nana’s Corner: 26 Pounds of Fun

Most of us have heard and/or seen the movie, “South Pacific”, and can recall one of the songs entitled “101 Pounds of Fun.” When my daughter told me how much my grandson now weighs and how tall he is, I could not help but think of that song. Now I can sing, “26 pounds of fun–that’s my little honey bun.” He is almost 16 months old and is 2’8″ tall. No wonder it has been harder to pick him up and carry him around. Phew! I am tired already thinking about it.

It has been amazing for me to see this precious little one grow up before my eyes, and I am a very proud Nana that’s for sure. When I watch him and see all of the things that he can do and is learning to do, I feel so privileged to be able to enjoy him every day (except when I have time off). So I decided to make a list of what I have observed him doing more of lately.

Some of the things he is currently doing–not total list–are:

. Climbs onto the couch and living room chair without assistance and gets off as well by himself.
. Climbs up and down the stairs backwards.
. Climbs the dining room chairs and his high chair as well.
. Gets on top the dogs and tries to pretend they are ponies.
. Plays ball with the dogs.
. Forms words or sounds like up, down, go.
. Calls the dogs into the house from outside.
. Plays hide and seek–hides himself in closets, bedroom, bathroom or under the table.
. Loves playing outdoors and going for walks, even in the rain or snow.
. Tries to help you dust and clean and uses his broom/dust pan to clean the floors.
. Observes anything and everyone when we take him to the store and/or restaurant.
. Loves books, music, playing with his car, kitchen, and blocks.
. Fixes things with his tools.
. Enjoys playing with the water in his water table.
. Learning to go on the potty and washes his hands in the bathroom sink–plus plays in the water.

Special moments with him throughout the day would definitely include sweet hugs and kisses that he gives me, his “mile-wide” smiles and playfulness throughout the day, bringing me a book of his own choosing to read to him, and doing unexpected things that make me laugh even when I am very tired.

This week his daddy is watching him for a few days–no Nana around. So for all the grandmothers out there who don’t get to see their grandchildren as often as they would like, I can now understand how you may feel. But when I realize the precious time he is spending with his daddy this week, it makes my heart sing, and I know that I will again enjoy my time with him next week.

So enjoy your families and friends this week–time is very precious with all of them.


Friendships Are Vital Relationships–Book Review

In Dawn Camp’s recent book entitled “The Gift of Friendship”, friendship(s) is defined and explored through the various insights and perspectives of numerous women writers and advice is shared on how to be open to friendships that God brings our way (or we seek out) and what we should or should not do to keep these precious relationships.

Filled with words of advice and wisdom regarding the importance of friendships, the list of contributors share their own personal and inspirational stories which cover such topics as building friendships within our community; being a friend in order to make friends; how to pursue friendships; how and why we need to show hospitality; making friendships on purpose; what we can learn about friendships from our family; being vulnerable in relationships; making a difference in another person’s life; and re-connecting with old friends.

If you are desiring to develop truly vital relationships with others in your community and beyond or want to re-kindle older friendships–those who have perhaps moved to another city or across town–or if you are feeling lonely and just want to develop closer relationships with your friends, then this book will inspire you to reach out and connect with those whom God brings across your path and to re-connect with someone you have lost contact with.

I would encourage you to read this thought-provoking book on the “gift of friendship” which can be purchased through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other book stores and/or distributors.


Love Is In The Air…Valentine’s Day 2016

This Sunday (February 14) is officially Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to spend time with someone you love.

Actually, today (Friday), I had the extra time to spend with my husband because I did not have to babysit my grandson. He was going to spend the day with his daddy. So we decided to go to Fredricksburg to shop at an Ollie’s (favorite place to purchase books and K-cup coffee) and then to Costco.

Before we left, however, my husband surprised me with a gift of chocolate and a gift card to one of my favorite places–IKEA. It was a nice, unexpected surprise and showing of his love for me.

By the time we arrived in Fredricksburg, it was close to lunch time so we ate at a local family restaurant that we found during our last visit to the city. Hmmmm…delicious.

Next, we shopped at Ollie’s and Costco. While we were at Costco and partaking of one of the quiche samples they were demonstrating today, a woman who I did not know asked how many eggs I used when I made a quiche. We talked for a few minutes about the ingredients, and she said she found she was intimidated at trying to make a quiche since she had never made one before. I encouraged her to try it and before we parted ways, she thanked me for talking with her about something as simple as making a quiche and now felt encouraged to try to make one. We purchased our items and then headed home. Overall, we had a very enjoyable, relaxing day together.

On Sunday (Valentine’s Day), we will get to spend part of the morning (at church) and afternoon (eating lunch together) with my daughter/husband and grandson which we are looking forward to.

Valentine’s Day is called the “day of love”, but we don’t have to wait until one “special” day to show someone that we love and care about them. So today and throughout the year….

. Tell someone that you love them

. Hug someone today

. Smile at someone in the grocery store, etc.

. Show genuine concern and compassion towards others

. Telephone a friend or someone that you lost touch with and tell them you were thinking of them and miss your time together

I’m sure that many of you could add to above list. In fact, why don’t you create your own “love list” for the coming year as well. Love is definitely in the air, and it begins here in our own heart.


Reading for February: “The Gift of Friendship” by Dawn Camp (a review of this book will be forthcoming)