Nana’s Corner: Under The Willow Tree

Gryphon’s giggling and laughter were infectious as he kicked up his feet and began running in and out under the huge willow tree in our backyard. He decided to play hide’n seek with me, and every time I said “boo”, his eyes widened as he laughed heartily. He ran after our dog, Toby, trying to get him to go under the willow tree to play as well.

There are moments like these that make me so happy to be a grandmother. He has really “rocked my world.” Since he now walks, runs, and jumps more steadily on his feet, he can really move when he chases me, and the dog(s) for that matter. PapPap just loves to watch Gryphon run around the backyard and gets a smile on his face when he sees him doing that.

Speaking more words have become more numerous over the past few weeks, and he is able to identify the objects/animals on the chunky puzzles as well as numbers and recognizes some of the alphabet as well. He loves books and enjoys helping you read one with him. He is so much fun to interact with on a daily basis. He loves to watch PBS programs (i.e. Curious George, Daniel’s Tiger Neighborhood, etc.), and absolutely loves YouTube’s “Little Baby Bum” nursery rhymes, shapes, counting songs, etc. Both mommy and Nana have to limit his time on these things, but he has learned some positive lessons as well from watching them (i.e. potty training, cleaning up, sharing). He is a quick learner and observes everything and everyone.

It is amazing to realize that he is almost 21 months old and in 3+ months, he will be 2 years old. It has been awesome to be a part of his growth development process and progress.

Gryphon is also aware that mommy is having another baby in November, so when the situation arises, we continue to explain that he is going to be a big brother really soon. He just gets a smile on his face and acts like he understands exactly what you are telling him. I just know that he is going to be “mommy’s little helper” and Nana’s too because he is learning to clean up his toys and loves to use the broom and dust alongside us. He also helps with the laundry by putting the clothes in the washer, hands me the clean clothes to put in the dryer, and then tries to help fold the laundry after it is dried.

This morning after I got up and even though I was tired from the weekend, I thought about the willow tree and how much fun it was playing under that tree this past week with my grandson, and it brought a smile to my face. Making memories with your children and/or your grandchildren is definitely a way to leave a legacy for them for years to come. I trust that both my daughter and her children will enjoy the family memories that we are having with them for many years as they live out their own lives and fondly look back at these times together.

May God bless you with your own children and grandchildren as you make lasting memories as well.