Nana’s Corner: Adapting and Resilience

Train up a child in the way he should go and he will never depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

Today is Mother’s Day 2021. Over 20 years ago, I lost my mother who suffered and died from lung cancer. Although there were 12 children in the family who needed a lot of attention, my mom tried to take the time to talk and laugh with all of us and I always knew I could talk with her about anything. She always listened. She was resilient and adapted to any situation within the family. She taught me valuable lessons that I have carried throughout my adulthood. Mom was crafty and could turn any piece of material into something special, and she could also fix anything that was broken.

Children can also teach us valuable lessons. Most of the time they can adapt to a new environment and have the ability to recover from or adjust easily to change. This past year children have had to adapt to a new way of learning–virtual classrooms, in person classes for either 1-2 days per week or another schedule that the school district set up, and wearing masks in the classroom as well as grocery stores and other public places. Some businesses have taken advantage of this situation and have thrived financially on this situation by creating “fun” logos on children’s masks and/or for adults to wear.

This past school year, my daughter opted to home school her oldest son who would have been in kindergarten this past year. At the beginning it was a struggle to get him to learn vowels and recognize words. Now, one year later, he is now reading and loves math. He is looking forward to going to first grade and wants to make new friends and experience the school setting. Although he will be placed in a new environment–bigger school and more students–I know after he learns what is expected in this new environment that he will adapt and hopefully adjust to all the new changes. The middle grandchild will be attending a church preschool for the first time and he is excited to attend there as well.

If I look at my own life, I can truly say that adapting and resilience to new situations has been a challenge; yet as a Christian I have learned that God is in control of my life and He works all things out for our good.

As a mother, I can look back at the lessons I learned in raising our daughter who is now a wonderful mother to her three young children. She is expecting baby #4 in only a few more days and the grand children are so excited about welcoming a new baby into their home–boy or girl. I know that she and her husband will continue to impart their values onto their children. Proverbs 22:6 says that we are to “train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (NIV). Parenting is not an easy-peasy job but with God “all things are possible” and He will help us continue to adapt and be resilient to understanding His will.

May the Lord bless each and every mother today on her special day.



Nana’s Corner: Quiet Moments

After a morning of intense cleaning, I sit quietly looking at my laptop trying desperately to write. So much time has passed and I realize that I haven’t written in “Nana’s Corner” for a while. My thoughts quickly return to Gryphon and Gabriel who are on vacation with mommy and daddy this week. I know that they will enjoy going to the park and having fun at Grammy and Pappy’s in PA. It is hard for me to believe that Gryphon is almost three years old and Gabriel will be nine months this month; and yet I have witnessed their development firsthand since birth, and I would not trade those precious moments for anything in the world.

Both grandchildren have definitive, distinct personalities with Gabriel being more intense in all his movements (especially eating), and he tries to imitate and follow Gryphon in everything that he does. When Gryphon runs down the hall toward his room, Gabriel quickly crawls after him. They even wrestle together on the floor and both of them laugh and giggle at trying to get away from each other. He is taking many more steps and I believe he will be walking soon. Gryphon’s vocabulary has just blossomed and when you say something he doesn’t understand, he repeats it. For example, the other day I “jokingly” talked about the “sky is falling.” This was from a story about a chicken who thought the sky was falling. As Gryphon looked at the sky and at me, he questioningly said, “The sky is falling!” Realizing how this might have sounded to someone his age, I told him it was a “joke” and about the chicken book. He repeated, “It was a joke Nana!” He realized that the sky was not actually falling at that point. We both laughed about it.

The day is mostly filled with laughter, some “no’s”/confrontations regarding what is acceptable behavior, and also many “yes’s” as the morning and afternoon slip by. Whenever both of them are taking a nap, I try to regroup myself with “quiet thoughts/prayers” by shutting my eyes so that I can re-energize. Gryphon has such an imagination when he plays and believe me, we play hard and laugh until tears come to my eyes. Although I have had some physical issues during the past couple of weeks or so (sinusitis, osteoarthritis–had a cortisone shot in the tendon of my hand–aches and pains all over), I realize that my grandsons are both a gift from God not only to my daughter and her husband but also to the grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other relatives who will get to see how these two will grow up to learn more about God’s love and what it means to them.

As the rain begins to subside and the sun is peaking through the clouds, I reaffirm in my heart that I want to be the best Nana and babysitter–as I watch them here in VA–that I can be and to enjoy every moment with them because time is passing by too quickly. The same can be said of my daughter as well. I want to be the best mother and role model that I can be with her as well. That’s why it is important to tell your children and grandchildren that you love them every day.

Quiet thoughts for a rainy day.


Nana’s Corner: Welcome To Our World

Good morning everyone! For those of you who do not know by now, we had another little angel born into this world on Saturday, November 26 at 1:37 p.m.–Gabriel Robert. He was over 7 lbs. and 20 inches long. We now have another grandson to hold, love, and adore just as much as Gryphon!

We are thankful that the delivery went well and mom is doing fine. They are both home now and enjoying adjusting to being a family of four. Gryphon has been a sweetheart. He “secretly” has been placing the little fabric bear that he was given at the hospital in Gabriel’s bed when he is sleeping and lets mommy or daddy know when the baby is crying. When I have been at the house this week, I even noticed a smile from him as he looks lovingly at his new brother. Although naps and general routines for Gryphon and the family have been altered, it will just take a little time for everyone to get back to their normal schedules. This week daddy is home and Gryphon is absolutely enjoying a lot of time with him as well.

Children are truly a blessing from God and many mothers/fathers and grandmothers/grandfathers can attest to that fact. As Gryphon and Gabriel grow up together (two years apart), they will bond as brothers and learn many lessons in sharing and caring for one another as well. I look forward to seeing their interaction as time goes by.

As one of the grandmothers, I am truly feeling blessed today and thankful that I have the opportunity to live close by and enjoy both grandsons at this time in their lives and just wanted to share this eventful moment with all of you.

I trust all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends and are looking forward to celebrating the birth of our King as well this month.

This Sunday at church, Roger will be speaking on John the Baptist, and next Sunday I will be speaking about Mary’s journey and her visit from the Angel Gabriel to tell her the news that she will carry the Son of God–Jesus Christ. We are looking forward to being given these opportunities and sharing these two Bible character stories with the congregation as well.

I am also looking forward to sharing with you on future posts about what God is doing in and through our lives, and may you feel blessed and encouraged by what God can do and is doing in your lives today.


Nana’s Corner: Nana’s Song (I’m Singing Under the Sun With You)

A few years ago I was privileged to babysit for a very delightful baby who was seven weeks old at the time I started babysitting for him (and who, I believe, will be 6 years old this year). I was able to watch him every day for 2-1/2 years, and it was during that time that I began making up and singing a song to him while I rocked him to sleep. Now I am singing this same song to my own grandson and will share this song with yet another grandchild as well.

The song is simple, yet I find myself humming and singing it even when my grandson, Gryphon, is not around. It makes me smile and fills me with utmost joy. The scripture says that “we should make a joyful noise unto the Lord with singing…” and that is what I have endeavored to do by sharing this song with you. It is in the Key of F; and although you can not hear it, I hope that you can visualize yourself singing, laughing, and dancing under the sun, moon, and stars with your own children and/or grandchildren as well.

Nana’s Song
(I’m Singing Under the Sun with You)

I’m singing under the sun with you, singing under the sun with you.
I’m singing under the sun with you. Nana’s singing under the sun…with you.

I’m laughing under the sun with you, laughing under the sun with you.
I’m laughing under the sun with you. Nana’s laughing under the sun…with you.

I’m dancing under the sun with you, dancing under the sun with you.
I’m dancing under the sun with you. Nana’s dancing under the sun…with you.

I’m singing under the moon with you, singing under the moon with you.
I’m singing under the moon with you. Nana’s singing under the moon…with you.

I’m laughing under the moon with you, laughing under the moon with you.
I’m laughing under the moon with you. Nana’s laughing under the moon…with you.

I’m dancing under the moon with you, dancing under the moon with you.
I’m dancing under the moon with you. Nana’s dancing under the moon…with you.

I’m singing under the stars with you, singing under the stars with you.
I’m singing under the stars with you. Nana’s singing under the stars with you.

I’m laughing under the stars with you, laughing under the stars with you.
I’m laughing under the stars with you. Nana’s laughing under the stars with you.

I’m dancing under the stars with you, dancing under the stars with you.
I’m dancing under the stars with you. Nana’s dancing under the stars with you.

Singing and playing the keyboard has always been a very important part of my life and imparting music to children at school, VBS, church camps, etc. has been very rewarding and such a delight, especially when they begin swinging their arms and legs and begin moving to the beat. At this time, Gryphon does this a great deal while we are watching a PBS program and/or just playing with some hand-held musical instruments. He really loves playing the penny whistle and the little drum playset.

The Book of Psalms is filled with singing and dancing before the Lord, and I believe that music can give one a sense of freedom in our worship to God and enriches our lives immensely. If I am tired or having an “off” day, music helps to change my attitude. Whenever I am out and about–grocery store, restaurant, and/or at church–and see a young child who appears to be fussy/crying, it is amazing how quickly a smile or humming of a tune from my mouth gets such a positive reaction back from them.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me…” I truly believe that adults can really make a difference in a child’s life and that is why I have enjoyed working with children so much. Jesus also said that we should come to Him “as a little child” does. As adults we often forget what it was like being a little child–so innocent, carefree, and trusting. Sometimes we often allow the “cares of this world” to cloud our minds. Let us be reminded of the promises that Jesus has given us throughout His Word so that we can trust Him more and truly take to heart that “all things work together for our good.”

May the Lord bless you and guide you in all that you endeavor to do for Him today.


Reading: “Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe” by Max Lucado.

Nana’s Corner: Under The Willow Tree

Gryphon’s giggling and laughter were infectious as he kicked up his feet and began running in and out under the huge willow tree in our backyard. He decided to play hide’n seek with me, and every time I said “boo”, his eyes widened as he laughed heartily. He ran after our dog, Toby, trying to get him to go under the willow tree to play as well.

There are moments like these that make me so happy to be a grandmother. He has really “rocked my world.” Since he now walks, runs, and jumps more steadily on his feet, he can really move when he chases me, and the dog(s) for that matter. PapPap just loves to watch Gryphon run around the backyard and gets a smile on his face when he sees him doing that.

Speaking more words have become more numerous over the past few weeks, and he is able to identify the objects/animals on the chunky puzzles as well as numbers and recognizes some of the alphabet as well. He loves books and enjoys helping you read one with him. He is so much fun to interact with on a daily basis. He loves to watch PBS programs (i.e. Curious George, Daniel’s Tiger Neighborhood, etc.), and absolutely loves YouTube’s “Little Baby Bum” nursery rhymes, shapes, counting songs, etc. Both mommy and Nana have to limit his time on these things, but he has learned some positive lessons as well from watching them (i.e. potty training, cleaning up, sharing). He is a quick learner and observes everything and everyone.

It is amazing to realize that he is almost 21 months old and in 3+ months, he will be 2 years old. It has been awesome to be a part of his growth development process and progress.

Gryphon is also aware that mommy is having another baby in November, so when the situation arises, we continue to explain that he is going to be a big brother really soon. He just gets a smile on his face and acts like he understands exactly what you are telling him. I just know that he is going to be “mommy’s little helper” and Nana’s too because he is learning to clean up his toys and loves to use the broom and dust alongside us. He also helps with the laundry by putting the clothes in the washer, hands me the clean clothes to put in the dryer, and then tries to help fold the laundry after it is dried.

This morning after I got up and even though I was tired from the weekend, I thought about the willow tree and how much fun it was playing under that tree this past week with my grandson, and it brought a smile to my face. Making memories with your children and/or your grandchildren is definitely a way to leave a legacy for them for years to come. I trust that both my daughter and her children will enjoy the family memories that we are having with them for many years as they live out their own lives and fondly look back at these times together.

May God bless you with your own children and grandchildren as you make lasting memories as well.