Friendships Are Vital Relationships–Book Review

In Dawn Camp’s recent book entitled “The Gift of Friendship”, friendship(s) is defined and explored through the various insights and perspectives of numerous women writers and advice is shared on how to be open to friendships that God brings our way (or we seek out) and what we should or should not do to keep these precious relationships.

Filled with words of advice and wisdom regarding the importance of friendships, the list of contributors share their own personal and inspirational stories which cover such topics as building friendships within our community; being a friend in order to make friends; how to pursue friendships; how and why we need to show hospitality; making friendships on purpose; what we can learn about friendships from our family; being vulnerable in relationships; making a difference in another person’s life; and re-connecting with old friends.

If you are desiring to develop truly vital relationships with others in your community and beyond or want to re-kindle older friendships–those who have perhaps moved to another city or across town–or if you are feeling lonely and just want to develop closer relationships with your friends, then this book will inspire you to reach out and connect with those whom God brings across your path and to re-connect with someone you have lost contact with.

I would encourage you to read this thought-provoking book on the “gift of friendship” which can be purchased through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other book stores and/or distributors.


Book Review: “Girl Meets Change” by Kristen Strong

Life happens and along with it, changes in our lives inevitably occur.

In Kristen Strong’s book, “Girl Meets Change”, she notes that although changes transpire throughout our lives–whether expected or unexpected–we can go through each one with God in control of the outcome. We just need to believe that whatever happens, God will see us through it.

Filled with personal stories of God’s faithfulness during turmoil and challenging situations that occurred in her own life, the author encourages all of us on how to embrace change and to try and see God’s purpose in everything that happens.

If there is a change or changes coming your way, I would encourage you to read Kristen Strong’s book and seek God’s guidance to help you through whatever life throws your way.


Book Review: “Breathing Room” by LeeAna Tankersley

With so much stress in our lives today on a daily basis, LeeAna Tankersley, author of “Breathing Room”, emphasizes that we should not allow outside forces such as stress to control our lives, and that we need to take responsibility for ourselves.

With an upbeat and positive attitude, Ms. Tankersley shares that being at peace with your inner self and discovering your “soul voice” are very important components in finding your “true self.” Creativity is a big part of who we are; and when we are creative, it gives us a sense of being one with our mind, body, and spirit.

Straight forward, candid, and filled with personal stories of her own struggles from time to time on her journey in life, she encourages us to seek the Creator, the one who gives us grace throughout our life’s experiences.

“Breathing Room” is thought-provoking for anyone who struggles with feelings of low self-esteem and inadequacies. It is truly a breath of fresh air and a worth-while read.


Week 10: “When God Winks At You” by Squire Rushnell (FI Series)

Extraordinary events happen in our lives every day. Do we just attribute them to coincidences or do we consider that they are “blessings in disguise” from God?

In “When God Winks At You” by Squire Rushnell, a former television president and CEO, he uses stories as told by everyday and famous people to explain that there is no such thing as luck, but that there is a God who does “little things” in and through us as well as other people in our lives to communicate His love for us.

As we walk on our journey in life, God gives us “signposts” along the way to show us that He leads and guides us–through the choices we make–in the direction He has planned for us. Sometimes there are bumps along the way, but these signposts reassure us, chart our path in life, and help us to increase our faith and belief in Him.

God absolutely knows about our every desire, hurts, failures, and triumphs; and when He “winks” at us, He encourages us to trust Him “fully.”

This book will inspire and encourage your heart as you reflect on the many times that God “winked” at you, but you did not recognize it at the time. After reading this book you will gain new insights and hopefully you will understand that He was with you and is currently with you on this journey throughout life by the “little things” that you experience in your every day walk.

Happy reading and blessings,

Week 9: “The Walk” by Richard Paul Evans (FI Series)

What would you do if you lost “everything”–your job, your home, your family, your friends? Would you give up on life–lose all hope?

In “The Walk” by Richard Paul Evans, Number 1 best-selling author, the character of the story loses everything. He decides to leave his life behind and goes on a journey by “taking a walk”, leaving behind everything he has ever known. It is the people he meets along the way and the lessons he learns that “saves his life” and which will inspire you.

This fascinating story is about a journey of one man who, although lost at the beginning, ultimately finds hope and courage to believe and grow from his losses in the end.

Happy reading and blessings,

Week 8: “The Timekeeper” by Mitch Albom (FI Series)

Do you often wish for more hours in your day because you just don’t have enough time to get everything finished on your “to-do list”?

In “The Timekeeper” by Mitch Albom, author, playwright, and screenwriter, he introduces his readers to a man who invented the world’s first clock, but who is punished for trying to measure God’s greatest gift; he is then banished to a cave for centuries and becomes “Father Time”–the Timekeeper.

Given a chance to redeem himself, he is allowed to return to our world to save two people–a wealthy businessman who wants to live forever and a teenage girl who wants to give up on life. Will he be allowed to remain free or will he have to continue on his original path?

The author evokes thoughts and inspires readers to reconsider their own ideas of time–how to spend it wisely and to not waste it. Your perception of time will be challenged and changed by reading “The Timekeeper”.

Happy reading and blessings,

Week 7: “The Lost Choice” by Andy Andrews (FI Series)

Life is full of choices…to choose good over evil, love over hate, forgiveness over bitterness.

Do you wish you could be given another chance, to choose differently, to gain wisdom and knowledge by the choices you make? Or do you regret the choices you have already made?

In “The Lost Choice” by Andy Andrews (best-selling novelist and speaker), he weaves both good and evil that happened throughout history using an ancient relic (artifact) that was found by one individual to portray a “parable of hidden potential of the human heart.” Lessons are imparted from men and women throughout time who have been profoundly affected by this relic.

The author gives profound wisdom (as expressed by a historical figure) that “the Lord God instructs us, leads us and inspires us, but He expects us to do something“–take action–with the gifts that He has given us and to take every opportunity as it arises in our lives. The choices we make, both past and present, will affect and change “everything for everyone.”

“The Lost Choice” is a thought-provoking book whose concepts assist us in evaluating our current choices, and encourages us to take risks that will ultimately affect not only ourselves but others as well in a positive way. This is a worth-while read.

Happy reading and blessings,

Week 6: “The Noticer Returns” by Andy Andrews (FI Series)

Are you looking to create a “better life” for yourself and your family but have numerous questions before you totally understand what a “better life” means?

In “The Noticer Returns”, a sequel to “The Noticer”, by Andy Andrews, the character “Jones”–not mister–returns once again; but this time, he teaches a parenting class for a random group of people who embark on a life-changing journey that will, indeed, change their “perspective” for the rest of their lives.

Discussions arise on various topics with “Jones” and his adult students that include how to change the culture in which we live, teaching valuable lessons to our children as they become adults, and the end is only the beginning. It is a matter of “perspective” once again about every facet of your life.

This book is an incredible read and Andy Andrews writes it in a very believable way that it will leave you “wanting more” of this author’s talented writing.

Happy reading and blessings,

Week 5: “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews (FI Series)

Have you sought wisdom, knowledge, or hope for your current circumstances but can’t seem to find the answer(s)? Perhaps you need a change of heart and a different perspective.

In “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews, author of numerous books, including “The Traveler’s Gift” and “The Final Summit”, he introduces you to a mysterious man named “Jones” who offers wisdom and hope to many individuals who have none and who are caught up in their own demise. Jones is an old man–who appears and disappears throughout a period of time from the lives in one unsuspecting town–who has a gift for seeing people’s unfortunate situations with a “different perspective”–a broader view.

Filled with simple wisdom and hope, you can not help but examine your own heart and change your way of thinking about your own circumstances in life after reading this thought-provoking message.

Happy reading and blessings on you,

Week 4: “The Final Summit” by Andy Andrews (FI Series)

What if you could “save the world” by just uttering two words? What would you do first? Who would you consult?

In “The Final Summit”, a follow-up novel to “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews, David Ponder’s character returns and this time the fate of mankind rests in his hands. Ponder is informed through “divine channels” (Gabriel) that he is needed, and he must meet with the brilliant minds of past history in order to “save the world” before it is destroyed. They are only given five tries to guess “two words” that could save humanity.

Riveting and thought-provoking, the author again uses past history and facts to “show us the one thing” we must do when we don’t know what to do.

An excellent read, full of suspense and mystery, that will increase your faith in the One who knows all things.

Happy reading and blessings on you,