Snow, Snow, Snow…Everywhere We Go

Unbelievable. The forecast during a beautiful, sunny Thursday afternoon last week was calling for “the snow storm of the century” beginning on Friday around noon and lasting through Sunday morning. As I looked outside and felt the sun’s rays through the living room window, I had a certain amount of doubt that this was really going to happen. After all, it was so still, quiet, and peaceful.

But on Thursday evening, my husband and I decided that we should go out to dinner and stop by the grocery store for last minute items before the big snowfall. When we got to the grocery store, all of the milk and most of the bread were off the shelves. I went up and down the aisles to check out other items when I noticed that most of the spaghetti was off the shelves as well. Grocery shoppers filled their carts with water, TV dinners, baked goods, bread, milk, and snow melt for starters. By the time we left the store and returned home, I was glad to be back in a warm, cozy home and relaxing time for the rest of the evening.

Then on Friday, as predicted, the snow began to fall ever so lightly around noon, just as Grammy Cindy was arriving from PA to spend the weekend with my daughter/husband and grandson. By the time I left from visiting with her, I noticed that the snow had already begun to cling to the branches of the trees and there was a powdery snow on the roads. I told myself that I needed to get home as quickly and safely as possible.

By the time I arrived home around 1:30 pm, there was at least 2-3 inches in the driveway, and on the deck and walkway, with a prediction of 18-24″ by Sunday. By late afternoon, my husband attempted to shovel the deck and walkway, leaving the driveway covered until he got out the snowblower on Saturday afternoon. The snow was definitely light and not heavy, so it was easier to maneuver. Saturday’s snowfall, as predicted, ended up being between 18-24″ and by Sunday morning the roads were completely covered and no plows had been able to get through.

Schools were cancelled for Monday and Tuesday and some scheduled Wednesday off as well. The roads were ever so quiet at the beginning of the week except for snowplows going up and down the streets. The main roads were cleared first but people did not venture out, even to go to work, until the later part of the week.

Listening and watching the weather reports indicated that up and down the east coast, the storm had left its mark in a number of states with NYC getting 26.6″ of snow. There were reports of 30″ of snow due to the snowdrifts caused from the high winds as well. The 60-mile an hour high winds were creating flooding along the NJ shore. Everyone was asked to stay off the roads until the snowplows could begin clearing off the streets in a number of cities.

By early Sunday afternoon, the snowfall ceased and the end result was a tremendous amount of snow. We didn’t have snow for Christmas, but this snowfall more than made up for it that’s for sure. It has been one week now since the snow fell and people are just getting back to normalcy. Streets are now cleared and traffic is again moving at a normal pace. Schools ended up being closed all week but will resume full speed ahead on Monday.

Life is so much like the snow storm that we just experienced–calmness and then a disaster strikes. People, cars, planes, and trains were rendered immobile due to the heavy snowfall. Safety was the biggest issue, especially for many individuals who couldn’t get out of their driveways. But somehow we all survived, and we got through it with the Lord’s help. He sees us through all of the ups and downs–the storms in our lives–and we are made stronger and more resilient through it all.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe.