Home Decor and Craft Books and Magazine Resources

A number of years ago, I had to reassess the number of craft subscription magazines/books that I subscribed to or purchased, but I didn’t want to get rid of the magazines that I had already collected. So I began pulling out those craft instruction articles of the crafts that I wanted to do on a “rainy day” and quickly became overwhelmed with all the reference materials.

Then there were the home decor magazines/books. I couldn’t pass Barnes and Noble and magazine display cases in stores such as Walmart and/or Sam’s Club without looking at the latest volume from several magazines. If you love crafts and/or home decor but need some resources, I have compiled the following lists for your perusal. These are not exhaustive by any means but the lists are made available to help get you started with home decorating and/or craft projects.


1. HGTV Magazine
2. Romantic Homes Magazine
3. Do-It-Yourself Magazine
4. Country Sampler Magazine
5. Country Living Magazine
6. Paint It Magazine
7. “Make It” Vintage Magazine
8. The Simple Things Magazine
9. Fresh Style Magazine
10. PaintWorks Magazine
11. Vintage Style Magazine
12. Scrapbook Etc. Magazine
13. My Home My Style Magazine
14. 100 Decorating Ideas for Small Rooms Magazine
15. Fresh Home Magazine
16. Better Homes & Gardens Storage Magazine
17. House Beautiful Magazine
18. Ready Made Magazine
19. Southern Living Magazine
20. Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Home Decor and Craft Book Resources

1. Vintage Crafts – Clara Lidstrom
2. New Cottage Style – Better Homes and Gardens Publication
3. Delight in the Details – Lisa Pace
4. Delight in the Seasons – Lisa Pace
5. Crafting A Meaningful Home – Meg Mateo Ilasco
6. Restore, Recycle, Repurpose – Randy Florke and Nancy Becker
7. Your Home: A Living Canvas – Curtis Heuser
8. Where Women Create: Book of Organization – Jo Packham
9. Embellish Your Home – DENA
10. Decorate Workshop – Holly Becker
11. Living the Creative Life – Rice Freeman-Zachary
12. Candace Olsen: “On Design”
13. Do-It-Yourself – JoAnne Liebeler
14. Painted Furniture – Priscilla Hauser
15. Painted Garden – Donna Dewberry
16. Paint Saves the Day – Lucianna Samu
17. (The Nest) Home Design – Carley Roney
18. Jan Dressler’s “Guide to Beautiful Stenciling”
19. Decorative Murals – Donna Dewberry
20. Scrapbook Workshop – Cynthia Hart

Happy crafting and home decorating.

Blessings on you,