Alphabet Faith Stories: Zealous Zelda

Do all things for good

Scripture: Romans 12:11–“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” (NIV)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of zealous:

  • Marked by fervent partisanship for a person, a cause, or a belief, or an ideal
  • Filled with or characterized by zeal

Phrases and/or quotes for zealous (

  • Living a daring life is zealous pursuit.
  • Be zealous for good works.
  • Truly, it is easy to sing that we would follow Jesus regardless, but all that zeal is lost at the slightest sign of inconvenience for some.

Z: Zealous Zelda’s Story:

“Zelda patiently stood in line behind a woman with a young child at the grocery store checkout, when all of a sudden the woman burst into tears. She heard the clerk tell the woman that her total bill was $27.72. As the woman frantically searched her purse, she could only come up with $25.10. She frantically looked at the items she was about to purchase and was trying to figure out what could be taken away so that she could quickly pay her bill and get out of the store.

At that moment, Zelda walked up to the woman and handed her a five dollar bill so that she wouldn’t have to leave any of her groceries behind. Shocked by Zelda’s generosity, she reluctantly took the money, thanked her, and quickly left the store. Zelda was not far behind the woman and caught up with her just as she strapped her child in her car seat.

As soon as Zelda approached her, she threw her arms around her and proceeded to tell Zelda the story of how her husband lost his job and they were desperately trying to make ends meet; but this particular week her child had been sick and needed medication which took a big chunk of their grocery monies. Before leaving, however, she promised to pay Zelda back. Zelda enthusiastically told her that she did not have to do that and began to tell her the following story of how someone had helped her out when she needed it the most.

‘Zelda was told that she could pay her back by being “zealous about doing good works”–by paying it forward to another person who needed help. From that time on, Zelda began doing and showing random acts of kindness to whomever needed her help. Without wanting or asking for anything in return, Zelda began helping her neighbors by bringing in their garbage cans, sending get well cards when they were ill, picking up groceries for them, and occasionally helped with babysitting for mothers in her neighborhood who needed an occasional, well-deserved break.’

Zelda’s zealous attitude to “do good works” and pay it forward without asking for anything in return gained her many friendships and wonderful memories with everyone.”

Being zealous for the Lord and doing good works by showing kindness and having an attitude of concern for each other is what we are commanded to do. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind; and love your neighbor as yourself” is what Jesus has commanded us all to do.